Selling At Auction

OA is one of the prominent Numismatic Auction House of the country and buy and sell coins, medals, banknotes, tokens etc.

Our Patrons can offer their coins, medals, tokens and other numismatic materials to us either through private treaty sales or to be included in auctions. We offer a full valuation service, ranging from a free informal opinion on a single coin to a professional assessment of the largest private and institutional collections.

You may kindly contact us for valuation of your materials. Once we agree prima-facie, we will tell you how to send your materials to us, either in person or by registered post. In case the material is of very high value we may come down and examine your lots in person.

Numismatic materials are assessed on the basis of criteria including condition, rarity, collector fancy and the overall market condition. Once we evaluate your materials we will give you our estimate.

If you agree to our estimate, we will accept the consignment and issue you a receipt. Please keep this receipt with due care. Your materials will be included in one of our forthcoming auctions.

Once we prepare the catalogue of the auction in which your materials are included, we will send you a copy of the said catalogue indicating the lot nos containing your materials.

Once the auction is over we will notify you the result and indicate which of your materials have been sold. You may either collect the invoice from our office or we will send it to you in your postal address within one week of end of the sale, subject to the Conditions of Sale as mentioned in the catalogue.

Each sold lot is subject to a Sellers Commission and Government Levies like GST.

Unless otherwise agreed before the auction, your Payments will be made after 30 days of the conclusion of the auction, subject to the Conditions of Sale as mentioned in the catalogue.

Further enquiries mail on