Absentee Bids

OA always advise their clients to attend the Floor Auction in person. However if it is not possible for you to attend in person you may send your Absentee Bids in the prescribed Bid Form subject to the Conditions of Sale as mentioned in the auction catalogue. This is a free service provided by Oswal Auctions to its clients.

You have to be registered with us to get your absentee bids executed. You may send your Absentee Bids by post, email, fax or in person.

All Absentee Bids are held in the strictest confidence.

You should send your bids at the earliest as bids are processed on “First Come, First Served” basis. For example if two bids are received for the same amount, the bidder whose bid arrived first will get preference over the late bidder.

Your bid must clearly state the lot number and the maximum price willing to be paid, exclusive of Buyers Premium and Taxes.

Bidders should confirm their bid receipts with us, we cannot be held responsible if we do not receive your Absentee Bids.

We generally confirm receipt of all Absentee Bids, however if you do not receive a confirmation please do get in touch with us immediately as we may not have received the Absentee Bids sent by you. However, non confirmation of Absentee Bids is no grounds for Absentee Bidders to reject lots.

Always refer Bid Increment Slab, which is mentioned in the catalogue also. Odd amount bids like Rs 2256 will be treated as Rs 2300 and will be rounded at our discretion.

We will bid for the Absentee Bidder against other bidders present on the floor and try to procure the item for the minimum possible amount. For example a lot with a Start Price of Rs. 5000/- will be sold to an Absentee Bidder for Rs. 5000/- even if his maximum bid is Rs. 10000/- in case there is no bid from the floor.

If you are winner, we will notify you at the earliest and full and final payment is expected within 7 days of receipt of invoice by you, subject to the Conditions of Sale as mentioned in the catalogue. for Payment Options » Click Here

Lots won and paid for can either be collected in person or will be forwarded by speed post or courier and all costs including shipping, handling and insurance will be added to the Absentee Bidder’s account.

Further enquiries mail on info@oswalauctions.com