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SKU : N0001391 Silver

Princely States : Awadh

Price : 2995

Ghazi ud din Haider, Silver Rupee, 11.06g, Dar us Sultanate Lakhnau Suba Awadh Mint, AH 1238/ RY 4, Crown flanked by rampant Lions holding flag, two upright Fish below on obverse (KM# 165.2). Very fine.

SKU : N0001390 Gold

Medieval India :

Price : 6500

Chalukyas of Kalyani, Gold Haga- 1/4 Fanam, 0.09g, Obv: Lion to right with raised paw, Rev: Elephant goad and Lamp. Very fine, very rare.

SKU : N0001389 Silver

Ancient :

Price : 20000

Ancient World, Iran, Parthian Empire, Vologases I, Silver Tetradrachm, 14.26g, Obv: Diademed bust left, Rev: Vologases seated right, receiving palm from Tyche standing left, legend around. Very fine+, rare.

SKU : N0001388 Silver

Ancient :

Price : 20000

Ancient World, Iran, Parthian Empire, Vardnes I, Silver Tetradrachm, 14.44g, Obv: Diademed bust left, Rev: Vardanes seated left, receiving palm from Tyche standing left, legend around. Very fine+, rare.

SKU : N0001387 Copper

Ancient :

Price : 2195

Vasta- Kaushambi, Uninscribed Cast Copper 1/2 Unit, 4.34g, “Lanky Bull” series, Obv: Bull with thin and lanky execution facing left, triangle-headed standard to left and Nandyavarta symbol above, Rev: Symbolic configuration with tree-in-railing in the centre, six-arched hill below, Swastika and Ujjain symbol to right. Very fine, rare.

SKU : N0001386 Copper

Ancient :

Price : 995

Ancient Deccan, Uninscribed Cast Copper, Uniface, 5.99g, three arched hill flanked by taurine and surmounted by crescent on obverse. Very fine.

SKU : N0001385 Silver

Princely States : Awadh

Price : 5995

Silver Rupee, 11.04g, Muhammadnagar Tanda Mint, in the name of Shah Alam II, RY 12 (KM# 136.1). Very fine, rare.

SKU : N0001384 Silver

Mughals : Muhammad Shah

Price : 2995

Muhammad Shah, Silver Rupee, 11.12g, Akhtarnagar Awadh Mint, AH 1140/ RY 10). Very fine.

SKU : N0001383 Silver

Mughals : Shah Jahan II

Price : 5995

Shah Jahan II, Silver Rupee, 11.39g, Mustaqir Khilafat Akbarabad Mint, AH 1131 (KM# 415.3). Very fine+, rare. KM plate coin.

SKU : N0001382 Silver

Mughals : Jahangir

Price : 2495

Jahangir, Silver Rupee, 11.41g, “Inayat” couplet, Ahmedabad Mint, AH 1027/ RY 13 (KM# 149.4). Very fine+.

SKU : N0001381 Silver

Sultanates : Delhi Sultanat : Suris

Price : 1995

Islam Shah, Silver Rupee, 11.17g, “1477” Type, Mintless Type, AH 955 (G&G# D980). Very fine.

SKU : N0001380 Silver

Mughals : Jahangir

Price : 1595

Jahangir, Silver Rupee, 11.29g, “Bada bar” couplet, Lahore Mint, AH (103)7/ RY 22 (KM# 149.16). Very fine.

SKU : N0001379 Silver

Mughals : Aurangzeb

Price : 995

Aurangzeb, Silver Rupee, 11.28g, Golkonda Mint, RY 26 (KM# 300.28). Fine.

SKU : N0001378 Silver

Mughals : Jahangir

Price : 1295

Jahangir, Silver Rupee, 10.88g, “Nur ud din” type, Qandahar Mint, Ilahi Month Aban (KM# 145.13). Fine.

SKU : N0001377 Silver

East India Company : Bombay Presidency

Price : 1495

Ahmedabad, Silver Rupee, 11.64g, in the name of Muhammad Akbar II, AH 1233/RY12, Complete mint name on bottom of reverse (KM #260.1). Very Fine.